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What is common between Counter Strike, Doom, League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients? They are all multiplayer games. And all of them have a massive fan following. Motion Hive is a London-based, upcoming software development company. Our aim is to become a leading software and game development company offering the best software services in terms of quality and innovation.

We are also open to forming alliances and partnerships with other companies to bring value for money products to the customer. We are currently developing two online multiplayer games which we are going to launch in 2016.

Multiplayer gaming is among the fastest growing sectors worldwide. It is already a multibillion dollar industry. A number of game development companies are creating and producing multiplayer games. People of all ages are hooked to these games. But companies who want to prosper in this sector don't have it easy. Here's why.

Game development is a niche field and requires a special set of skills. With a range of multiplayer games, each one better than the next, it is an uphill battle for player's attention and interest. Only the best games find a market. So you have to work hard and you have to be creative to succeed.

Multiplayer games are poised to attract more players as the number of people with access to the internet increases and more people come in contact with such games. But we are ready. Our game developers and software engineers are experienced in all nuances of game development and engineering. We also have plans to expand into the multiplayer mobile and tablet gaming market. We have access to the latest hardware and software technologies to help us in our work. So it is only a matter of time.

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Software development and testing are a niche field. Many people think, to develop a software, you need a big team of professionals. Yes, but not if you are multitasking. Motion Hive has assembled a team of talented software professionals with skills in different areas of software development and testing. We have the skill sets to develop a range of software for different sectors.

We aim to become a leading software development company offering the best products in terms of quality, innovation and entertainment. We also have access to the latest technologies and tools to help us in this task. Software development and testing require skilled manpower. However, you can leverage on it only if you have creativity and patience. There will be many times when you must think out of the box to come up with a solution for a problem. These situations will push you to your limits. So you need to be motivated and enthusiastic as well.


Motion Hive is also engaged in game development and game testing. Multiplayer games are a big draw on the internet. Some online multiplayer games have legions of fans, numbering in the millions. So there is a huge market for multiplayer games. Since many of us came with extensive experience in game development and testing, we thought of developing and marketing our own games.

We are currently testing two multiplayer games we created. One is a strategy game and the other is a sports based game. The entire cycle, including ideation, development and testing of these two games were carried out at our premises. We are also planning to create and develop multiplayer games market for mobiles and tablets. And this is just for starters. We hope to develop many games in the years to come.

What if we told you, you can promote your services through these games? Here is an opportunity to do just that. We are a tight team of talented game developers, animators, software engineers and developers. With a management team consisting of experienced multinational professionals, we are poised to create a company that will compete with the best global game and software development companies.

Each employee at Motion Hive has seen success in his respective field. We hope to recreate that magic at Motion Hive. With our extensive past work experiences, we are sure we will succeed in helping customers get the exposure they want.


There is a lot of competition for quality services. At the same time, there are many unscrupulous businesses looking to capitalise on unwary customers. So please be careful when you are partnering with any company. If you are looking for a company that can deliver the goods as promised, please look up Motion Hive. To partner with our services or to learn more about our services, kindly fill your details in the contact form below and submit. A Motion Hive representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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